Referral Agent Online Application

GET PAID RESIDUAL INCOME: Sign up as a Referral Agent and get PAID 20% of Initial Profit of Services and 8% Residual Income for all your returning clients for services as long as you stay active as Referral Agent with us.  Second Bonus is 50% of Initial Profit on Product you sell.


The process is simple, fill out the form and submit below.  Next when you see or recognize anyone either consumer or business that need computer products or services talk to them and find out what there needs are, then go our website page "" and register your client referral by filling out  the form and press submit.  Inform client that the EGT team will be contacting them to follow up very soon.  If the client wants products or services now give us a call and we will close the deal ASAP!  To get credit you need to register your leads so we can track them on your behalf now and in the future as long as you stay active.

  •  Bonus #1: Refer a combination of paid Clients with $2000 in profit. and get a Free Laptop.  

  •  Bonus #2: Refer a combination of paid Clients with $3000 or more in Profit and get a Free HDTV. 


(Referral Agent commissions are being paid every other  week, plus get either Bonus #1 or #2 at the End of the Month.)