SAM4s ML700 7" Graphic Customer Display

Product number#: CRS503011

SAM4s ML700 7" Graphic Customer Display
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    The innovative new SAM4s 7" Graphic Customer Display is designed to visually promote product, promotions and specials. A slide show runs continuously on the screen above the enhanced customer display. VESA mounting is provided for custom installations.

    For about the same cost as a standard POS pole display, you can deliver much more. SAM4s graphic displays really do turn heads!

    Large 7" liquid crystal display.
    Visually promote products and specials.
    Like an order confirmation screen, customers can view each item as it is entered or as corrections are made.
    Visually displaying the entire order promotes accuracy and reduces fraud.

    Use the slide show configuration like a digital photo frame.
    Rotatable – choose portrait or landscape orientation.
    User customizable height from 5-1/2" to 20".
    Images are extremely easy to load.

    SAM4s Models Supported
    • ER-285M (v5.013 or Later)
    • ER-390M (v4.1 or Later)
    • ER-650 (v11.2r)
    • ER-650R (v3.6r)
    • ER-655II (v2.5)
    • ER-5200M Series (v9.3 or Later)
    • ER-900 Series (v1.037 or Later)
    • SPS-300 Series (v1.046 or Later)
    • SPS-500 Series Hybrid ECRs
    (v1.00s (2-25-2013) or Later)
    • SPS-2000 (v3.00g31 (2-25-2013) or Later)
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