• Bakary Cisse

Outsourcing Business tasks

Running a business eats up your time. Time is one of the most valuable assets when running a business. You only have about 30 days/month to produce more money than running the business cost you. You can't waste your time or money (getting new employees) in-housing tasks that can be outsourced to talented specialists, and it's cheaper. There's just no reason not to.

What does outsourcing mean to a business?

It means freeing up more time and spending less by dedicating some tasks to freelancers or other agencies so you can focus on taking your business to the next level. We all indeed have great skills but let not deny that we're can't do EVERYTHING.

Services that would be outsourced

  • Data entry

You don't need anyone in-house for data entry. High school students can do it for you. You can get freelancers on Fiverr to take on this job. Pay only for what they do.

  • IT service

From taking care of your devices to making sure your security layers are unbreakable, IT is crucial to every business. You don't need to hire and train employees to perform those tasks that can be automated. Let an IT agency move your business to the cloud and automate it. you only pay a monthly fee in exchange for a robust security solution.


When starting or growing your business, you don't need to hire employees for every position - instead, outsource your tasks.

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