Reasons why your business needs a Merchant Account!

Give your customers the flexibility they want. 


We understand that accepting credit cards is more than a simple swipe; it’s about growing your business.  Accepting credit cards makes good business sense.


               * Increase business profits with investment.

               * Increase Profits by tracking all your inventory and sales.

               * Manage your employees time in and time out for payroll.

               * Replace your current cash registers with a POS SYSTEM.

               * Prevent money shortages with your POS System.




500 Reasons to Switch


For merchants who already have existing accounts with other service providers, switching to BluePay is fast, easy and will save you money!


  • Switch to BluePay for an all-in-one solution to all your credit card processing needs.

  • Take the BluePay Challenge! If we can’t help you save money, we’ll give you $500 just for letting us try.

  • Integrate your processing services and secure your business.


Compare Rates

Confusing discount rates and merchant pricing can make it difficult for merchants to compare competitive quotes and choose the best program for their business. Many factors determine the cost of a processing program:


  • Type of business

  • Type of credit cards customers pay with

  • Swiping vs. hand keying

  • Processing volume

  • Average ticket

  • Bundled vs. unbundled packages


BluePay’s extensive industry experience helps you get the best rates according to your business needs.


Credit Card Processing Solutions 


  • Virtual Terminal

  • Payment Gateway

  • Merchant Account

  • ACH Payments

  • Electronic Billing & Invoicing

  • Tokenization

  • Interactive Voice Response

  • End-to-End Encryption (E2EE)

  • Secure Hosted Payment Form

  • POS Systems

  • Tablet Point of Sale

  • Mobile Processing

  • PCI Compliance

  • Credit Card Machines

  • Accounting Software Integration

  • Batch Credit Card Processing

  • Merchant Lending Program




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Accept Credit Cards as Payment
POS Point of Sale System Provider
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