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We are currently seeking to fill the following positions below at EGT Networks, Inc.


  • Referral Agents - Seek our potential business and consumer clientele in New York City area and nationwide with computers issues and need to complete technical projects.

  • Technical Support Professionals - Provide remote and onsite technical support to users across the United States and international when needed.  Over 3 years experience working with consumers, small businesses and corporate clients. Candidates with A+ Certifications needed and other network certifications are welcome to apply.

  • Flyer Distributor - Distribute flyers to targeted areas for consumers and businesses.

  • Tech Support & Programming Interns - Work with our season professionals and gain the experience you need to jump start your career in the IT industry. To learn more about our gram and get started, click this link:  EGT REFERRAL PROGRAM

Please complete the form below to follow up on more information on open positions.

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