EGT Help Desk Ticket Form

Dear Valued Customer:


We would like to thank you for your current and future business with EGT Networks, Inc. At this time we would like to acknowledge all your items in our care and will be inventoried and kept in a safe condition at all times. 


To ensure the policy is followed, we have a tracking system for all your merchandise submitted in person or by mail.  We will conduct repair services for your merchandise as you requested.  Depending on location local pickup can be arranged if your in the NYC area.  


All software must be delivered with license(s) by OWNER of merchandise to EGT before work can be done or we will not be responsible for any software lost or failure during or after our technical support services have been performed. All hardware in EGT care will be given the best of care to be returned in same condition as delivered for service. 


Please BACKUP all your DATA as the repairs doesn't ensure your data will be saved due your current device failure(s).  We are NOT responsible for your DATA!