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Please take a moment to write a REVIEW of EGT Networks, Inc.

Our team appreciate your business and always looking to improve.

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Our Client Reviews...

FaroPoint, Inc. (Global Real Estate Investment & Property Management Firm)

Mr. Greene and the EGT team came assessed the site and got to work as agreed.  They provided structured cabling, installed Security Camera System, Access Points and configured our IDF Closet for our new International Office.  We will be considering them for other projects.

Tech Democracy, LLC (International Cyber Security Company)

EGT team was hired to setup our USA office in New Jersey with Structured cabling, Access Points, Bio Metric Door System, Projector and our conference room for our international office and currently up and running.  We are pleased with the work done.  We have more networking coming up and plan to use them to network our office furniture. 

Allvue Systems (Black Mountain Systems)

EGT has done a great job with setting up and installing cable drops/structured cabling, HDTV mounting, Access Points, Sound System, IDF Closet, IP Cameras, Conference Rooms, and projectors for two of our two offices in Midtown and Times Square area.  We would use them again in future.


Run cable drops in our wall street office space, setup HDTV mounting, access points, IP cameras, conference room and IDF cabinet as well as access control systems.  These guys completed our new office setup as per requested, well done.

Marc Jacob Offices

EGT team came to our NYC head quarters and migrated all our computers to Win XP to Win 7. They did a great job and will be using them again on future IT projects.

Truman Property Management

We were so impressed with these guys we referred them to all our property managers in the NYC area.  They upgraded our buildings in NYC area with better Security Camera Systems and provided training to our staff.

Allied Partners (Commercial & Residential Property Management)

EGT Networks, Inc team has done many Structured Cabling projects as well as setup IDF Closets, IP Camera Systems, VOIP Phone Systems, Disconnect and Reconnect devices, Access Points and HDTV mounting with A/V in conference rooms for our commercial tenants in the NYC area.  We will be using them for more projects in the future. Thank you. 

Stewart Bertrand

Great day! Harold had a 5 PM appointment with my laptop and he was punctual. Professionally dressed. My old computer was restored to working condition. I was planning on buying a new laptop but Harold saved me big time. He suggested that my PC would last me at least a few more years. The man knows his stuff. He took it apart and then put it back together like a pro. My PC is now running faster than ever. If you are in need of a great tech contact Harold of EGT Networks.

Uche Akpa

Harold was able to fix my laptop. My son spilled a glass of water into the computer which fried it. I called Harold and within 2 hours we met. He told me what he would do and we purchased the motherboard on the spot. After it arrived we met and he fixed it within 30 minutes. Harold's is extremely punctual and can work around your schedule. In addition he gave me a lot of helpful tips regarding computers and my business in general. He is a great guy and true professional. If you need services such as this, make them your first choice.

Hojjat Rostami

Harold & EGT team helped me. I needed to make a customized cooler for my desktop. After, coming to my office he suggested me a very easier and cheaper option which solved my problem. By his suggestion I even did not need to ask them for replacements.

Ruth Boaz

Harold and his team never disappoints. This past weekend was my third time utilizing EGT services for issues that I've encountered with my laptop. I was able to get the EGT team to fix my issue during the labor day weekend in a timely manner.


Brian Pindell

Im writing a review because I really like this business. It was fast & easy to get my MacBook Air battery replaced after I messed things up trying to fix it myself. I didn’t feel like going all the way to Apple store on my lunch break. 


Philip Durand

My experience with EGT was amazing, i had a macbook pro that was down for a year with major hardware issues, the technician, Harold, was truly a blessing as he kept in constant correspondence with me as to every step of the process. 


Evan Fein

Took a little while to get the parts, but everyone was very nice and they resolved the speaker and headphone issue on my Macbook. Very happy!

Mike Smith

These guys has done great networking by setting up my office after they incorporate our business. One stop incorporation process and they have the tech team to setup office network cabling and Security Camera System too. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


I was skeptical about these guy at first, but when they finished setting up my network and my camera system, I was more than pleased. My whole network runs smooth with no slowdowns. Camera system is perfect, with high quality picture. 

Dr. Tony kwame Laing

Efficient and professional are two words I would use to describe Harold. Harold and the entire EGT Network team always provides impeccable service. I highly recommend EGT Networks for your computer needs and repairs.

Johny Horsford

it been so meany years i known EGT at work is very very good he does his job wander full good sprite and trustworthy.


Olga Morgan

I will give EGT five stars. I met Mr. Green last year and he upgraded my computer software. The service was great. He advice me about computer training and upgrades EGT has for churches etc. I recommend EGT to everyone. They are very efficient and professional.

LifeSize BlasianDoll

Fixed everything that needed to be fixed. Awesome service!! I highly recommend this place to anyone with computer/device difficulties.

Eng. Alberto Rodriguez Grateful

These guys from EGT network are really great, I just used their security cameras, and VoIP phones services, and I'm feel very comfortable with the new product and Services I just got from them, and even more happy because of the price they gave me!!!!!!!!. I highly recommend these guys.

Anju ArchEngDes

As an architect, working in the construction engineering industry for many years, I found the services at EGT to be of great relevance in the set-up and maintenance of my digital clients platform, EGT high professionalism in tailoring to client needs.

Luke Tall

Egt is a cool computer company, they have alot of knowledge on computers of all brands. One thing I liked about egt is that they were very fast in dealing with the product i needed to repair. when I arrived they were able to diagnose my computer.

Danny Marino

Got my laptop fixed ASAP and for a great price. Couldn't be happier with their service.

Janne Louise Andersen

This is my new go-to Mac specialist. I bought a close-to-new Apple Macbook Pro charger for $20 from the owner of the business, who also threw in valuable tips about my Macbook Pro without charge. Highly appreciated.

Ryen Hasan

5 stars! Great work!! I had both my Macbook airs repaired here at EGT and they managed to keep all my information on both hard drives! It was only a 2 day turnaround period too! These guys definitely know what they’re up to! Definitely recommended!

Omar Hardy - The Black Lady Theatre

EGT’s service is AMAZING!! If you need your home or office networked, any special services or repairs to your computer or laptop, or if you want to step up your security system- they have you covered!! I received service for all of the above. I Highly recommend EGT for your IT purposes!!!

Abhishek Kalra

Harold was wonderful. He helped fix my laptop (which i had given almost all hope on) quickly. From the moment he diagnosed the laptop, he knew the right problem (which was motherboard). The laptop was delivered to me performing better than it used to in a quick and efficient manner. Cherry on top was the instructions he gave while working on the repairs. Gem of a person. Cheers.

Jane Paso

Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU


Bob Vele

How can I best express my satisfaction with Harold & the EGT team. They provided a reasonable quote and did free assessment of my new office space and provided cabling and networked all my devices for three floors very neatly. I have referred other friends who have commercial and residential buildings as well as offices last year 2018. Happy New Year 2019


Akeisha Palmer

My house was updated with Security Cameras, they came on time and gave me the DEAL i needed SAVED me $$ and was professional. I am going to need more work done later......HDTV Mounting soon!


Dr. Tony kwame Laing

Great tech help always. They regularly troubleshoots my computer needed. I highly recommend EGT.  They have sent volunteers to provide computer tutorials at a few of my organization functions and we great appreciate the staff for helping the community.


Debra Alfred

Harold was very professional from the beginning of my interaction with him. He was extremely responsive and prompt. He kept me informed every step of the way in our process. Once he arrived, he was courteous and exact. He followed COVID rules at all times. At the end of the job he cleaned up and demonstrated how the system worked until he knew we understood. Great price and phenomenal work! He knows his stuff!!


Haile Sebastian

5 stars - Fixed my Mac Book Pro for resale by replacing battery and speakers.


Pablo Espinal

Very detailed in both what was wrong and how to fix for my laptop. Definitely recommend Harold for any virus issues or otherwise that can happen with personal computers.

Mikki Maroon

I called EGT and spoke with Harold without knowing exactly what I was looking for. Even though he couldn't help me, he told me exactly where to go and what to ask for and buy. He was incredibly kind, patient and gave me expert advice. I didn't even buy anything. I plan on going here for all of my tech needs. You can't get better service.

Alex Sol

EGT was able to do a great job for me. It was a complicated install of a new hard drive into my iMac, and the contactless drop off, kept in touch and even went above and beyond in helping me to get everything up and running again. I would definitely use them again.

Gerardo Gonzalez

I contacted EGT with regards to an issue with my laptop. Harold inspected my laptop and figured out what was wrong with it. He told me which parts I needed order, and he was able to fix it on no time once I purchased the parts. He fixed it in front of me, so it was great seeing the process. He is very knowledgeable, responsive and very patient. Better service than I would've expected.

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