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It's like having an in-house IT department but without the headache. Scroll through the page and select the best package for your company. Or contact us for help.


Remote IT managed Services (MSP)

Type of service
Type of service
Type of service

We manage your entire system from a centralized location. We take on all the heavy work.  Let us do what we do the best so you can focus on making well-thought decisions for your business. We offer you the best package for a monthly predictable fee. Only pay for what you need.  

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  • You don't need an IT team which you must keep training so they can solve your business issues.

  • No need to buy servers and spend tons of useful time setting up and maintaining them.

  • If your business is making progress then you must scale your infrastructure to keep up with the growth. No need to do that either.

Problems MPS solves
Solutions we offer
  • As an MSP, our teams receive constant training to muster the latest technology that's useful to our business parteners

  • Our infrastructure is constantly maintained and scaled to respond to the growth of our partners'

It's cost effective and headhache free

We integrate your service with Google. Your business is going to run on the same security infrastructure as Google.

Mind-blowing, isn't it?

You don't need to worry about security issues.

Let a qualified team at EGT listen to your need and craft the perfect solution for it.

We are here to help. Call and talk to a real person or email us and let us call you when you want.

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