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About Us

What Sets Us Apart

EGT Networks, Inc. was an idea in 2010 of the founder Harold E. Greene and in 2014 he incorporated from humble beginnings with just a few referrals from friends and family.  Our clientele has grown through his guidance, leadership, vision, and a great team of IT professionals, administrative staff, and interns.  We specialize in Manage Technical Services for Small, Midsize to Enterprise clientele.  Currently, our network of technical resources and talent are tailored to meet the technical needs of clients like yourself now and well into the future.




A message from our founder Harold E Greene.  Welcome to EGT Networks, Inc.  We take pride in building long term business relationships based on trust, professionalism and with a dedicated team. 

Here is a little background on me.  As a child I was always looking to see how electronics work by observation and my father has always encouraged me.  As I got older, I decided to focus and develop my technical skills in college and implementing it with years of experience.  My passion has now turned into the business of helping to empower every client we reach.  


Our team is committed to providing solutions to your technical issues and completing projects as needed, while creating long term relationships with you at EGT Networks, Inc.  I am so proud of our staff for giving their best to help so many clients from individuals with computer issues to enterprise corporations setting up new offices throughout the years.  

Together our EGT team grows stronger with your support.

     *Excellence in the way we implement our services and products for your benefit. 

     *Growth is the result of empowering you our clients with a strong team of professionals and technical resources. 

     *Technology the application of technical tools used as fuel to guaranty your growth and success.

Our EGT team

  • Dispatchers

  • Senior Referral Agents

  • Virtual Referral Agents

  • Network Administrators

  • Project Managers

  • IT Support Technicians

  • Cyber Security Technicians

  • On call IT Staffing Personnel

  • Computer Trainers

  • Coding & Technical Support Interns

We are dedicated and ready to provide technical support on short or long term projects of any size.


  • Our Managed Technical Services was designed to secure your network, provide assurance of business flow while managing your technical resources.

  • Maintaining a secure network for your company is at the center of our technical support services with our service contracts.

  • We provide onsite & remote technical support for IDF, network devices, network printers, computers, access control, VOIP and more.  

  • Getting a new office,  we can help you with structured cabling as well as moving computer related devices from old locations.

  • On call technicians are available for remote and onsite support for your devices and IT projects upon your request.

  • Additional Services include a team of experienced business consultants ready to assist with the incorporation process, etc.

We encourage ongoing discussions that result in long term successful business relationships.  Our team is motivated and encouraged by your growth as we continue to provide you with on going support.  

We value your feedback and use it to improve our quality of services.  Our clients trust us with their networks to keep it running smoothly.  When you call we answer and ready to resolve all sorts of technical issues.  

Let us help you grow your business with our resources and talent.  Contact us at (646) 389 4774 for more information.

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